Fresh Yeast - How to Store
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Fresh Yeast - How to Store

05/05/2020 - Bread Making

How to Store
Wrap well and refrigerate on arrival and it will have at least a 7 day life. If your baking isn’t going to need that much yeast so quickly, do not worry - it refreezes brilliantly.
I divide down my 1kg Fresh Yeast block into smaller pieces, sealing each piece really well with cling film to ensure that no moisture can get in and then freeze until I need it.

Make sure the yeast is fully defrosted before baking.

Replacing Dry Yeast with Fresh Yeast in Bread Machines
To substitute fresh yeast for active dry yeast, use a ratio of roughly 2:1, i.e. use 14g of fresh yeast in place of a 7g sachet of active dry yeast.
Traditionally the fresh yeast is added to the liquid element of the bread mix and is allowed to sit for 15 mins before adding to the flour, however I have found it just as effective to add the yeast with dry ingredients at the mixing stage.