Lucy's Christmas Entertaining
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Lucy's Christmas Entertaining

08/12/2017 - Entertaining

I love to entertain but, especially at this time of year, have very little preparation time; BUT don't want to compromise on what I feed my guests and family. The answer is a few little cheats! I embrace a few shortcuts and these are a few of my favourites
For my Christmas party this year I will be serving our Seafood Canapes - they look lovely and taste even better, Old English Cocktail Sausages from my butchers in Suffolk, AND Crostini with Wild Boar pate and a slivver of dried fig  and a dollop of Cranberry Chutney - quick to make - lovely to look at. A well chosen cheeseboard is also a great to allow guests to graze - limiting the handing round. My cheese board is going to include Binham Blue, Baron Bigod, Norfolk Tawny and A BIG hunk of Stilton.