Traditional Christmas Pudding
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Traditional Christmas Pudding

22/11/2017 - Puddings and Desserts

This is a traditional and very reliable recipe
500g Suet
500g Plain Flour
350g Breadcrumbs (pitta breadcrumbs are ideal)
1kg Currants
1kg Raisins
250g Chopped Mixed Peel
500g Dark Muscovado Sugar
1 large Carrot
1 cooking Apple
6 Eggs
2 tbsp Baking Powder
A good pinch of salt

Grate the Carrot and the Apple
Mix the flour and the baking powder
Combine the other ingredients and then add the carrot and the apple and finally the flour mixture.
Leave the mixture to stand in a cool place for 24 hours so that the flavours combine.
The next day put into greased and lined pudding basin(s) and steam in water bath in very low oven  for 3 hours for individual puddings, 5 hours for 18cm puddings.
Once cooked wrap in baking parchment and then foil until ready to serve.
Reheat in the same way for 1 hour before serving.

We love a good flame and so flame the pudding with some gently heated vodka at the point of serving.
This mixture makes 2  8-10 serving puddings, or about 16 individual puddings.